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Spanish Speaking Cleveland Lawyer Explains Cerebral Palsy Resources in Cleveland Ohio

One of the biggest challenges families often face is funding all the therapies their children need. This guide provides resources Northeast Ohio families can use to help pay for therapies, specialized education, equipment, and more.

  • Before beginning your search, call your health insurance provider to determine what they will cover. you may be entitled to therapy services through early intervention or through your home school district.

  • United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland - LeafBridge is a Center of Excellence for Children.The agency serves infants and children (up to 22 years of age) with a variety of developmental delays and disabilities including cerebral palsy.
    • Physical, Occupational and Speech-Language Therapy Services
    • Steps to Independence Intensive Therapy
    • LeafBridge Specialized Services School-Based Therapy
    • LeafBridge Family Resources
    • Assistive Technology
    • or (216) 791-8363, ext. 1250.

  • Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute includes more than 300 medical, surgical and research specialists dedicated to the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders.Our neurology, neurosurgery, and pediatric neurology and neurosurgery programs are also ranked best in Ohio.Neurorehabilitation & Spasticity Clinic Neurorehabilitation services at the Mellen Center focus on symptomatic treatments and rehabilitation interventions to improve spasticity and optimize function for conditions of the central nervous system, including cerebral palsy.

  • The Pediatric Neurology Division at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Pediatric neurology faculty are certified by the American Boards of Neurology and Pediatrics for the care of multiple-handicapped children including those with cerebral palsy.
    • Multiple programs are embedded into the Rainbow Neurological Center which is part of the Neurological Institute at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. 
    • Request an appointment with a specialist at Rainbow. 216-UH4-KIDS

  • Metro Hospital Cleveland Ohio
    • Neurology is the field of medicine that focuses on disorders of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves. Neurologists must be able to diagnose cerebral palsy. 
    • The Cerebral Palsy Clinic is for children with spasticity, dystonia, choreo-athetosis or epilepsy. Therapies include botulinum toxin injections, physical therapy, orthopedic interventions, and intrathecal baclofen infusion.
    • For pediatric appointments, call 216-778-8562.


  • Help Me Grow of Cuyahoga County  P.O. Box 45372 Westlake, Ohio 44145 216-698-7500 Program/Service
    • Early Intervention
      • Occupational Therapy: Outpatient
      • Physical Therapy: Outpatient
      • Speech-Language Therapy: Outpatient
    • Age(s) served
      • Birth (0-1 year)
      • Toddler (1 to 2 years)

  • The Children with Medical Handicaps Program (BCMH) is a supplemental insurance program that helps families to cover out-of-pocket costs for diagnosis and treatment of conditions classified as “medical handicaps” including Cerebral palsy.

  • Danielle’s Foundation  
    • (Cerebral palsy/brain injury diagnosis only) Grants can be used for funding of medical equipment, therapies, or educational devices such as an iPad. Call to request a grant application. 
    • 1-800-511-2283  

  • Gia Nicole Angel Foundation
    • Provides funds to cover the purchase of specific items to enhance the daily functioning of a child with special needs and his or her family. This includes children with any physical disability (such as, but not limited to: spina bifida, paralysis, missing limbs) or illness (such as, but not limited to: cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer). Funds are awarded on a case by case basis with preference given to lower income and single parent families.
    • 1-267-332-1320

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Spanish Speaking Cleveland Ohio Lawyer Explains  Cerebral Palsy Resources for Families