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Cleveland Lawyer Patrick Merrick does not only work with Social Security Disabiltiy, SSI, and Ohio Workers Compensation, he also spend a great deal of time fighting for clients' rights in medical malpractice, birth injury (Cerebral Palsy Cases), wrongful death and personal injury law (Car and Truck Accident Cases).

Workers' compensation: If you have been injured at work, and if your employer is not paying your medical bills or time you have missed from work due to those injuries, let me look into you case to see if there are benefits you are entitled to and are not receiving.

(SSD) Social Security disability: Social Security Disability benefits are for people who have worked during their lifetime, yet have become disabled to the point where they can no longer perform or sustain employment. The majority of first time applications are denied by Social Security Administration; however, this does not mean that you cannot win your case. It is important to contact an experienced lawyer to evaluate your claim and make sure you are not being denied the benefits you worked for your entire life.

(SSI) Supplemental Security Income: This program is like Social Security Disability in that to get benefits you must have health issues preventing your ability to work. However, SSI is different in that you do not have to have the necessary work credits in order to qualify, or only partially qualify, for Social Security Disability. Also, children are eligible for SSI benefits.

Personal injury: You may be entitled to financial compensation If you've been hurt or injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, construction accident or any other type of accident caused by someone else's negligence.
Wrongful death: I can help you pursue a wrongful death and/or survivor claim if your family has lost a loved one in an accident.  

Medical Malpractice: Ohio Attorney Patrick Merrick represents people who have died or suffered serious injuries from negligence of a hospital, doctor, nurse practitioner or other health care provider. Unfortunately people all to often sustain injuries due to misdiagnosis, surgical error, or failure to diagnose an illness.

Birth Injuries and Delivery Room Mistakes: Unfortunately birth injuries can occur as the result of Doctor and Surgeon mistakes. Patrick Merrick Attorney at Law serves Ohio families in cases involving the following: Cerebral Palsy, Erb's Palsy, Forceps Trauma, and Delivery Room Errors. Patrick Merrick Attorney at Law serves families who have gone through the horrible tragedy of a birth injury or delivery room mistake. I can help families understand the legal consequences of these errors and provide your family with the an opportunity to obtain honest and fair compensation for the medical expenses, pain and suffering, and future damages caused by the mistake.
Areas of practice: Workers' compensation, (SSD) Social Security disability, (SSI) Supplemental Security Income, Personal injury, Medical Practice, Birth Injuries and Delivery Room Mistakes and more.

Ohio Attorney Patrick Merrick is helping Disabled and Injured People in Ohio  - With the help of an experienced lawyer, the legally entitled benefits you are fighting for can become a reality.

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