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Amputation Injuries on the Job in Cleveland and Columbus.  Ohio Lawyer explains Ohio Workers Compensation benefits available when an injured worker suffers an amputation, loss of vision, or loss of hearing.

Cleveland Ohio Workers Comp Attorney explains that if you suffered an injury on the job, you have legal rights to obtain compensation for medical bills, compensation for not working, compensation for disability, and future treatment costs. 

In Ohio, when a worker has a body part amputated or loses vision or total loss of hearing in a work accident, the Ohio worker comp benefit is called a “Scheduled Loss”. Ohio workers compensation provides scheduled loss compensation for the amputation, “loss of use” or ankylosis of certain body parts due to a work injury or occupational disease. This compensation type also covers the loss of vision and total loss of hearing.  The rate of payment is based on the date of injury, not the date of amputation or actual loss of use. 

The following chart is effective as of January 2016 for amputated body parts, loss of eyesight, and total loss of hearing.

Thumb  $53,100

Index finger $30,975

Third finger $26,550

Fourth finger $17,700

Little finger  $13,275

Loss of metacarpal $8,850

Hand $154,875

Arm $199,125

Great toe $26,550

Other toe $8,850

Foot $132,750

Leg $177,000

Eye $110,625

Hearing (one ear) $22,125

Paying Amputation Awards
When an amputation occurs, the award period begins on the date of the amputation if the amputated body part has not been successfully reattached.  If the severed body part is successfully reattached, the injured worker is not entitled to an award.

Paying Loss of Vision Awards
If there is loss of vision in both eyes, each eye is computed separately.  The minimum award for each eye is 25% loss of uncorrected vision according toRC 4123.57(B) .  The maximum award for each eye is 100% or 125 weeks per eye.

Paying Loss of Hearing Awards
Permanent and total loss in one ear is paid for 25 weeks. According to RC 4123.57(B)  no award is made for less than permanent and total loss of hearing in one ear. Complete loss of hearing in both ears is paid for 125 weeks.

Paying Facial Disfigurement Awards
Claims with dates of injury on or after June 30, 2006 will have a maximum award of $10,000.  Claims with dates of injury prior to June 30, 2006 have a maximum award of $5,000. 

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