Spanish Speaking Ohio Social Security Disability Lawyer Patrick Merrick has free consultations for Ohio residents (Cleveland, Lorain, Akron, Youngstown, Toledo, Columbus) applying for disability (SSD) or SSI benefits. You won’t ever owe Ohio Disability Lawyer Patrick Merrick a fee unless you’re approved for your benefits and are granted your back award. The attorney fee for Ohio disability and SSI cases is contingent upon winning the case. If you are approved, the standard attorney fee is 25% of your back award (but is capped at $6,000).

Spanish Speaking Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney (Abogado con servicios en  Español) to Help You Get the Benefits You Need

Statistics show that approximately 65% of first-time claims for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits are denied. So, winning your disability or SSI case on your own is difficult. If you are like most claimants in Ohio and are denied benefits, don’t give up. Whether you’re seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Spanish Speaking Ohio Lawyer Patrick Merrick can help with your appeal.

Ohio lawyer Patrick Merrick, Esq, has over a decade of experience representing claimants and knows first hand that administrative Law Judges prefer to work with claimants who are represented by an experienced lawyer. It is no surprise that applicants and claimants that hire an attorney have a better chance of winning their case. Whether you are applying for social security disability benefits for the first time or are appealing the denial from a judge, Spanish speaking attorney Patrick Merrick can help with your appeal each step of the way. Because Ohio Lawyer Patrick Merrick has been winning disability and SSI cases for over a decade he knows how to create a strong case that the social security administration cannot deny.

Coming from an experienced Ohio disability lawyer, the biggest mistake you can make is giving up and not appealing your denial. To avoid this mistake, call Ohio Lawyer Patrick Merrick who can help you avoid common mistakes:  

  1. government clerical errors (failing to send correspondence to the correct address, failing to record an appeal when it has been filed)
  2. failure to include an important medical record (the social security admistration is tasked with obtaining your medical records but do not rely on them - Ohio attorney Patrick Merrick often sees records overlooked or not submitted at all)
  3. Failure to file a timely appeal - if you are denied benefits and wait longer than 60 days to file an appeal you are forced to file a new application unless you can come up with a good reason for missing the appeal period (if you were in the hospital during this time and can document it then maybe you are OK - but just saying you were busy is not good enough).

Ohio Lawyer Patrick Merrick explains the steps that are necessary to win your social security disability (SSD) or supplemental security income (SSI) case:

Level 1: Initial application and determination (Average wait for an answer is 3-4 months)

Level 2:  First level appeal is called Reconsideration (Additional 2-4 months wait)

Level 3: Second level appeal is a hearing with the Administrative Law Judge (Additional year to year and half wait)

Level 4:  If denied at the administrative law judge level you can appeal to “Appeals Council” to see if the judge made any mistakes in his/her decision (Additional wait of 8 months to 1 year)

How long do I have to file each appeal of the denial of my social security disability or SSI case in Ohio?

At each level (initial denial, reconsideration denial, and administrative law judge denial), appeals must be filed within 60 days of the decision (5 days are added for mailing). Claims are frequently denied at the first two levels (approximately 65-70% at the initial level and up to 80% at the reconsideration level), but it’s not until Level 3 that you will get a hearing front of a judge. At this stage, you can present evidence, get opinion evidence from your doctors, and call witnesses.

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