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Most Common Reasons For 18 Wheeler Accidents Include:

  • Blind spots around the 18 wheeler truck - 18 wheeler drivers cannot see cars that are alongside them. For this reason cars should pass trucks as quickly and safely as possible. Do not drive next to an 18 Wheeler for a long time. You need to keep a distance between you car and an 18 wheeler to be safe.
  • Brakes gone bad - 
  • Unsafe load in trailer - The load in in the semi truck trailer can come loose, fly off or out of the trailer onto the road causing an accident.
  • Tire blowout - semi trucks put 1000's of miles on their tires on every trip. If a blowout happens the driver could lose control and make the truck impossible to control. 
  • Tired drivers - semi truck drivers are paid for the entire trip they make (not by the hour). So they often try to get the job done as quickly as possible and this means driving  driving during the night with little  sleep for a lot of days. 

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