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How do I qualify for social security disability in Ohio? Cleveland Disability Lawyer explains how to apply and files Appeals for  Disability and SSI Denials

​​Spanish Speaking Ohio Lawyer Patrick Merrick explains that if you live in Ohio, you may qualify for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security (SSI) disability benefits if you meet the disability rules: you have been unable to perform (SGA) substantial gainful activity (work) due to a severe mental or physical impairment that has been determined will last for at least twelve months (or will result in death), or you expect to be unable to work for twelve months or more.

The Ohio Social Security disability and SSI disability qualification process is the same as it is in other states in that you must first file an application. You can file in at any of the local social security offices in the state of Ohio. You may also apply online or via telephone.  You do not need an Ohio attorney to apply or file for initial benefits.

How do I qualify for disability in the state of Ohio?

The approval rate of initial disability claims in Ohio is lower than the national average of 31.2 percent. The denial rate of about 70 percent for all first time disability and SSI applications means that most people applying for disability and SSI benefits in Ohio will have to appeal appeal  in order to win their case..

Ohio disability attorney Patrick Merrick discusses the various appeals. There are two levels of appeals: 1) a request for reconsideration; and 2) and a request for a social security disability hearing with an administrative law judge. Your chance of winning at the reconsideration level is not very good. Unless something drastic has changed in your case (new condition or a major change in your existing conditions) 80-90 percent of the time you will need to file an appeal to have a hearing with the social security disability judge.

In Ohio, approximately half of claimants who are represented by an experienced social security disability or SSI attorney, go to a hearing, and present evidence in favor of their case will win their benefits.

How do I file for social security  disability or SSI in Ohio online

With or without an Ohio disability lawyer, you can file your social security disability or SSI application using the Social Security online disability process.

If you use the online disability or SSI application, you need to complete the online disability forms and medical releases with your disability application. If you do not, you will still have to receive a call from your local Social Security office. If your local social security disability or SSI office cannot get a hold of you, your claim may be denied.

In Ohio, filing for disability or SSI through your local Social Security office will allow you to do the disability interview in person. Another reason for applying for benefits at your local disability office is that you cannot apply online for SSI. The majority of first time applications do not know if their cases will be for social security disability (SSD), supplemental security income (SSI) it may be more better to file your claim with your local social security office.

Also in Ohio, you cannot do the disability interview online.  The interview with social security disability claims representative can allow you to get answers to questions that you may have.

How do I file for disability in Ohio at a Social Security office

If you go in person and file your application at your local Ohio Social Security office, you will have a disability interview during which a claims representative will determine if you are eligible for Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income disability (SSI).  After filing, your disability claim is forwarded to the Ohio Disability Determination Bureau. This agency is tasked with handling all of the Social Security disability (SSD) and supplemental security income (SSI) decisions for the state of Ohio. Disability examiners are responsible for making a decision on both your initial disability claim and your reconsideration appeal for disability benefits.

When you apply for disability or SSI benefits in Ohio, your claim is assigned to a disability examiner to make a decision on your medical condition. The disability examiner will  requests medical records from all of the places (doctors and hospitals) that you listed when you applied. If they do not have enough current medical records, or have insufficient medical records, you will be scheduled for one or more consultative medical examinations with a doctor from social security.

When the examiner has enough medical information to make a decision on your case, it is their duty to approve or deny your disability case. If your disability or SSI case is denied, you and your Ohio disability or SSI attorney will receive a denial notice/letter from the Disability Determination Bureau. If your initial disability claim is denied, you have sixty five days to appeal that decision.

How do I file a disability or SSI appeal in Ohio?

When you receive your denial, you and your Ohio disability lawyer must decide if you case is worth filing a first level (reconsideration) appeal. For all intent and purpose, this appeal is just a review of the initial disability determination. If there was no mistake made on your initial disability claim, or you have not provided new evidence that supports a finding of disability (something like a new condition or a drastic change in existing conditions), you will most likely have to file an appeal to have a hearing with the social security disability judge. Most Ohio lawyers know that the reconsideration appeal has the highest denial rate of all levels of the Social Security disability process.

If you have to appeal your disability claim to the disability hearing level, you have your best chance of qualifying for disability in Ohio. Administrative law judges are able to be more flexible when making their disability determinations and this allows more disability applicants to qualify for Social Security disability in Ohio.

Patrick Merrick Attorney at Law handles social security disability claims in throughout the entire state of Ohio. Typically, social security disability cases regularly involve back pain and neck pain, heart problems, and emotional and mental problems. On a regular basis  diagnoses such as heart failure, herniated disks, degenerative disk disease, arthritis, lupus, RSD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety,  fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome are approved for benefits.

In social security disability claims I do not get paid unless we help you obtain benefits.  If I do help you get benefits, I charge 25% of the benefits owed to you up to that time (your "back award").


How do I qualify for social security disability in Ohio? Cleveland Disability Lawyer explains how to apply and files Appeals for  Disability and SSI Denials

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