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Unsafe working conditions on my job: Are there any penalties against my employer for dangerous working conditions?

Yes. In Ohio, when an employer violates regulations for safe work conditions this is known as a Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR). The Ohio Industrial Commission has the power to determine if a Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR) has occurred. The injured worker will get extra compensation if this happens.

My co-worker caused my injury: Can co-workers be sued for work accidents and injuries?

If the injury was caused by an accident – the answer is No. An employee who caused another employee’s injury and workers' compensation claim cannot be sued. Ohio Rev. Code §4123.741. But, if the injury was intentional (on purpose such as a fight), then yes the co-worker can be sued for assault.

I have medical bills in collections from my work accident: Is there a time limit for medical bills to be paid?

Yes, all medical bills must be filed with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation or Ohio Industrial Commission within two years of the date on which the service was given.

My employer wants me to go to their doctor for treatment: Can I choose what doctor I see for my Ohio workers compensation claim?

Yes, in Ohio Workers Comp, the employee has the right to choose his own licensed physician or chiropractor for treatment.

My doctor wants to give me injections in my back: What kinds of treatment is covered and paid for?

In Ohio Workmans Comp all medical treatment determined to be “reasonable and necessary” as a result of the injury is covered. This includes chiropractors, injections, medical doctors, specialists, surgery, physical therapy, acupuncture, MRI, XRAYS, and more. This treatment usually needs to be approved first before it can be given.

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