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Cleveland Lawyer Explains that Birth Injuries can cause Cerebral Palsy in infants

One of the most common types of physical disability in childhood is Cerebral Palsy. Studies show that approximately 2 children in 1,000 will be effected with Cerebral Palsy.  Birth injuries such as difficulties during pregnancy and trauma during birth of the baby are major cause of Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorders caused by the brain’s inability to control the muscles in the body.  The symptoms of Cerebral Palsy are:

Infants with cerebral palsy may not sit, crawl, roll over, sit, walk

Infants may have problems with vision and hearing

Cerebral Palsy can make it difficult to swallow and eat. 

Toddlers may also have poor coordination and difficulty speaking

As the child develops, parents may notice that the effects and symptoms noticed in the infant have not gone away:

Lack of muscle control, poor muscle tone, and absence of adequate reflexes

Lack of ability to control movements of arms, legs, hands, feet and head.

Lack of ability to control normal body activities of daily living such as mouth control (eating), using restroom independently (urination and defecation)

Seizure Disorders

As a result of the symptoms children may require around the clock care by a specialized care giver.  

Cleveland Ohio Lawyer Explains that Birth Injuries can cause Cerebral Palsy in Infants

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